Mrs Tran Thi Kim Tuyen


Chia sẻ bài viết qua

Today, Da Nang seaport is classified as national class I seaport. Da Nang Port consists of two major ports namely Tien Sa Port Enterprise and Song Han Port Enterprise with 1,493m of berths, loading and unloading facilities and modern warehouses serving the port’s capacity of 6 million. ton / year. Tien Sa port is a natural deep-water seaport, with a maximum depth of 12 meters and a wharf length of 965 meters, including two overhead bridges and one full bridge for container handling. Tien Sa port is capable of receiving 40,000 DWT composite ships, container ships of up to 2,000 TEUs and passenger ships of up to 75,000 GRT. Tien Sa Port is considered one of the few ports in Vietnam with favorable and potential natural conditions to develop into a large seaport.