Development Plan


To serve the customers with the increasingly improved quality, we always provide core and long term targets of investing in its infrastructure, facilities and equipment, markets and human resources to implement the mission which we committed to our customers and stakeholders for the overall development.


Plan for investing and developing the exploitation capacity of Da Nang Port in the period of 2015-2020 has the target to become the most modern port in the Central Vietnam, with the following main items:


+ Project of investing and expanding Tien Sa Port in stage II (2015- 2018)


To build newly a berth closing to coast with the length of 500 meters and the depth of 13-14 meters, the warehouse area of 100,000 m2 and specialized exploiting equipment; to satisfy the general cargo ships of 50,000 DWT, container ships of 3,000 Teus.

+ Storage at Son Tra, Da Nang (1,6 ha)


+  To establish warehouses, entrepôts with the area of from 30ha to 50ha.


Total investment value is estimated at USD 60 million.


+ About the market development:


In addition to the existing markets, Da Nang Port focuses on developing the markets at Central Highlands and the Southern Laos – Northeast Thailand along the Highway 14B via Bo Y border gate, along the Highway 18 via Dak Ta Ooc border gate and East–West Economic Corridor.