(Data up to 22/07/2020)

Total: 678 persons (excluding contractual laborers according to each season).

In which, female: 64 persons.

According to the level of training:
+ Postgraduate: 38
+ University: 169
+ College: 17
+ Vocational College: 18
+ Intermediate: 20
+ Vocational Intermediate: 15
+ Technology worker: 17
+ Beginner Job: 100
+ Unskilled labor: 284

The Company always strictly complies with the current regulations of labor law. The employees shall be entitled to sign labor contracts, to implement the regimes of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance fully, accurately and timely.


Da Nang Port has a team of management staff who are trained regularly, basically, and able to approach the market mechanism. The management and administration departments could apply the information technology proficiently in managing and exploiting the port.


The skilled workers could be able to catch the advanced technology, proficiently operate modern vehicles and equipment; have experiences to load, unload and transport many types of goods, especially containers and OOG goods (out of gauge), with high productivity and safe performance. The force of sailors and crew of the Port has experiences in supporting, towage, salvage and rescue ships in all waters of the Central Vietnam.


With such staff, Da Nang Port is capable of managing and exploiting the advanced vehicles and equipment, ensuring the supply of services quickly, satisfactorily and conveniently for customers.