Target of Da Nang Port Trade Union activities in 2024 “Productivity – Safety – Efficiency”



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On the morning of January 19, 2024, Da Nang Port Trade Union held a conference to summarize 2023 and deploy tasks in 2024. Comrade Nguyen Huu Dung – Member of the Standing Committee of Da Nang Port Party Committee attended and directed conference.

Comrade Le Tan Minh – Chairman of Da Nang Port Trade Union chaired the Conference.

Comrade Dau Vinh Cuong – Vice Chairman of Da Nang Port Trade Union approved at the Conference a report summarizing the activities of the Port Trade Union in 2023. Accordingly, from the beginning of the year, implementing the joint plan between The General Director and Executive Committee of the Trade Union, Da Nang Port organized the Labor Conference in accordance with the new regulations and instructions of the 2020 Labor Code, promoting the spirit of ownership of workers. With the goal of “Productivity – Safety – Efficiency”, trade unions at all levels have closely coordinated with expertise to well implement democratic regulations at the grassroots. The union has coordinated with the Port Executive Board to take care of the lives of union members and workers always quickly, promptly and accurately. With the tradition of preparing to celebrate the traditional Tet, the Port Union also coordinated with the Corporation’s Trade Union to visit and give Tet gifts to workers in particularly difficult circumstances, with children with congenital diseases. , the VNAH mothers that the Corporation and the Port serve; Visit and give gifts to affiliated grassroots Trade Unions. Thereby, grasping the production and business situation and taking care of each unit’s Tet holiday. In the past year, the Women’s Committee also organized activities on March 8 and October 20, and held a Ceremony to honor excellent students with extremely rich and meaningful forms.

Cultural and sports activities in the past year have created a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere, strengthening the relationship of exchange, solidarity, and helping each other in production, business, and life between units to continue. continue to stabilize, strive to complete targets and tasks in 2023. In addition to taking care of union members and workers at the Port, the Port Trade Union continues to maintain volunteer programs, joining hands with the community to support difficult situations and people in remote areas. remote areas, revolutionary base areas. During preparations for the traditional Tet holiday, the Port Union visited and gave gifts and material support to disadvantaged people in 4 wards (An Hai Bac, Nai Hien Dong, Tho Quang, An Hai Dong in Son Tra district). and give gifts to disadvantaged people in remote and mountainous areas of Quang Nam. Especially on the peak occasion of commemorating the Day of War Invalids and Martyrs (July 27), a series of activities of all levels of authorities and Port organizations were organized: the Youth Union with a trip to the Origin, the Trade Union with With the government, organize incense-visiting programs at martyrs’ cemeteries, visit and give gifts to Vietnamese Mothers, policy families, and support localities that are revolutionary bases in remote and remote areas. away, organizing cultural exchange programs and gift giving at the Da Nang Center for the Care of Meritorious People.

Regarding the 2024 activity program, the report clearly states tasks such as Developing documents to facilitate the Union’s activities; Coordinate with the General Director to organize well and in accordance with regulations the 2024 Labor Conference to ensure practicality, democracy, and compliance with the provisions of the Labor Code. Coordinate with units to take care of well-organized Lunar New Year for workers, ensuring happiness, health, and safety. Have policies and advise authorities at all levels to ensure accurate and timely salary and bonus regimes; continue to give advice to leaders to improve and innovate to implement other welfare and remuneration programs for employees in 2024… to unite everyone, in a spirit of joy and meaning, solidarity and most reasonable costs; Launch quarterly short-term competitions on each topic, associated with the Port’s production and business activities; Coordinate with units to take care of well-organized Lunar New Year for workers, ensuring joy, health, and safety. Have policies and advise authorities at all levels to ensure accurate and timely salary and bonus regimes…

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Nguyen Huu Dung – Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Da Nang Port recognized and highly appreciated the activities of the Trade Union, contributing significantly to the operational efficiency of the Company. Da Nang Port. At the same time, Comrade Dung has some orientations for Trade Unions at all levels to research, deploy and apply to activities in the coming time.

At the Conference, the Standing Committee of Da Nang Port Trade Union awarded the Trade Union Shelter Support to Mr. Dang Van Hai – Group 5 of Tien Sa Port Enterprise because of his extremely difficult circumstances. The conference implemented reward work for groups and individuals with outstanding achievements in Trade Union activities in 2023.

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