On July 31, 2016, Danang Port Joint Stock Company officially started the project of expanding Tien Sa Port in stage 2, with the target of bringing this port to become a modern container port in the region, capable of receiving container ships and vessels with large load in accordance with the regulations set forth.

    The project of expanding Tien Sa Port in stage 2, invested by Danang Port Joint Stock Company, was deployed at Tien Sa Port Enterprise (Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra, Da Nang), with an area of up to nearly 60,000 m2, expected that when completed, it will combine with available warehouse systems in the enterprise and its subsidiaries, with the result that the total area of the Port will increase to nearly 31 ha. The project also includes the construction of two berths, including a berth of 310 m and one of 210 m, equipped with 02 QCC systems and accompanied infrastructure. The project will meet the needs of serving container ships and vessels with large load of up to 70,000 DWT, passenger ships having load of 100,000 GRT. It is expected that the project of expanding Tien Sa Port in stage 2 will have a total investment of nearly VND 1,000 billion, and the time for implementation will be from July 2016 to June 2018.



    According to statistics, the exploitation output from goods in containers from 2011 until now has increased the average of 20%/year, except the first 6 months in 2016, it reached 146,000 TEUs, increased by more 19% than the same period in 2015. Particularly, in May and June 2016, the output of containers via Da Nang Port had a good consecutive growth, with the highest level was 29,431 TEUs via the Port in June 2016, increased by more 20% than the same period in 2015. The total output of goods via Da Nang Port in the first months of this year reached nearly 3.5 million tons, increased by more 12% than the same period. The output of goods increased quickly with the result that it is extremely urgent to upgrade and expand Tien Sa Port in stage 2, and moreover, currently, the growth rate of the output of goods via the Port has a sign of hitting overload threshold.



    Investing and constructing Tien Sa Project in stage 2 also indicates the commitments of Da Nang Port in orienting to develop the Port towards serving for container ships, cruise ships and vessels with large load. In the past period, Da Nang Port has continuously invested in machinery, developing human resources according to the above orientation and has practically earned high efficiency.

    The project also receives a considerable support and consent from Ministry of Transport, Vietnam Maritime Corporation, Da Nang City People’s Committee, the local functional units and the Central authority. Especially, Vietnam Maritime Corporation plays an important role in supporting the implementation of the project, through orienting, getting preferential treatment for the market, providing capital, supporting technology and human resources, creating favorable conditions so that Da Nang Port can develop the Project.

    The project of expanding Tien Sa Port in stage 2 is carried out on the basic of mobilizing the available capital (36% of total investment), loan (31%) and mobilized capital (33%) in order to minimize the risks and take the initiative in financial plans for ODA capital. In the process of mobilizing capital, Da Nang Port has received the commitment and support from Vietnam Maritime Corporation, investment funds and major banks in investing the project. With the trend of developing the sustainable growth of output of goods, especially goods in containers via Da Nang Port as today, the plan of financial return for the project is very realizable – the capacity for returning the capital is expected after about 10 years of exploitation.



    It is expected that after completed and put into operation, the project of Tien Sa Port in stage 2 will help improve the capacity of receiving the goods via Tien Sa Port up to 12 million tons/year, to ensure the capacity to serve for the vessels with load of up to 70,000 DWT. The completed project also contribute to develop comprehensively the logistic system in order to serve for the seaport, to create the foundation which Tien Sa Port can become a modern container port in the region and capable of receiving vessels with large load.

    The project also ensures the overall planning of the development of Da Nang’s transport until 2020 and with orientations toward 2030, in accordance with the strategy of developing marine economy of Vietnam in general and of Da Nang in particular. The completed project will make Tien Sa Port become an important traffic point of Da Nang City to develop logistics services meeting the needs of Central and the area of East–West Economic Corridor.