Da Nang Port worked with the delegation of Oriental Consultants Company (Japan)



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On the morning of March 13, 2024, Mr. Phan Bao Loc – Member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Duong Duc Xuan – Deputy General Director of Da Nang Port and other departments welcomed the delegation of Oriental Consultants Company (Japan) led by Mr. Nakajima Kazuo , Member of the Board of Directors of the Company as the delegation leader.

Mr. Duong Duc Xuan briefly introduced the formation and development of Da Nang Port. In recent years, Da Nang Port’s capacity has been increasingly improved, equipment has become more and more synchronized and modern thanks to the drastic digital transformation. In addition to solutions to accelerate and promote digital transformation, Da Nang Port pays great attention to applying solutions to apply low carbon technology such as investing in ERTG cranes, gradually converting and moving towards all vehicles and equipment. , infrastructure to use electricity (electric vehicle system operating in the Port, electric gasoline filling stations, electric RTG cranes, etc. To minimize emissions and noise generation, Green storage includes warehouses using clean energy, arranging warehouses outside the city, green logistics, green energy (electricity, solar power/solar batteries to power office buildings, using LED lighting systems… ), planting trees, automatic watering pump stations throughout the Tien Sa Port system… creating a clean environment to reduce dust and smoke… aiming to contribute to reducing carbon emissions according to the general direction of Vietnam’s Maritime Industry.

Mr. Nakajima Kazuo, Member of the Board of Directors of the Company and the delegation expressed their joy for the growth and sustainable development of Da Nang Port in particular and Da Nang city in general. He said that Oriental Consultants Company (Japan) specializes in operating and implementing projects related to carbon neutral port development.

The two sides discussed and shared contents within the framework of cooperation between Da Nang city and Sakai city (Japan) on the model of using financial support funds in purchasing and equipping emission reduction equipment. carbon, aiming to build a Green Port, reduce carbon emissions.

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