Da Nang Port: Not only must the next year be higher than the previous year, but the next day must be higher than the previous day



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On January 4, 2024, the Conference to deploy Party building work and business tasks in 2024 took place at the headquarters of Vietnam Maritime Corporation, Vice Chairman of the Committee for Management of State Capital at Enterprises. Nguyen Ngoc Canh attended and gave a keynote speech at the conference. In 2023, the world geopolitical and economic context is having many unfavorable developments for the maritime industry, VIMC has proactively implemented many new solutions, especially developing and enhancing relationships with customers. As a result, shipping lines have attracted 12 more service routes to Hai Phong Port, Saigon, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, SSIT, CMIT, VIMC Dinh Vu. At the same time, VIMC is also focusing on promoting the approval of investment policies for projects: Can Gio port project (Ho Chi Minh City), Lien Chieu port project (Da Nang). …

Although VIMC’s profit reached VND 2,084 billion, only 90% of the plan, it still ranked 59th in the Top 100 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam in 2023, honored as a capable enterprise. generate good profits, have the potential to become pillars for the development of the Vietnamese economy assessed by VietNam Report.

In 2023, thanks to the timely attention and direction of the Party Committee, leaders of Vietnam Maritime Corporation along with the efforts and determination of the Board of Directors and all officers and employees of Da Nang Port and its units. Having united together, overcoming all difficulties and challenges during the period of economic recession and negativity, Da Nang Port has excellently completed all aspects of its work, worthy of receiving the Flag of “Excellent unit leading the way”. “Start the emulation movement in 2023” awarded by the Committee for Management of State Capital at Enterprises. Da Nang Port Party Committee and Party Committee Secretary Tran Le Tuan were honored by the Party Committee of Vietnam Maritime Corporation to commend the collective leadership and management for “Excellent completion of the 2023 mission”.

The conference sent gratitude and awarded the Medal for the cause of Party Inspection work to Mr. Le Hong Nam – Deputy Chairman of the Inspection Committee of Da Nang Port Party Committee for his many contributions in the inspection work of the Party Committee. Party Committee of the Corporation.

In 2023, initiatives, creativity, and continuous improvement activities will take place regularly and vibrantly. The Port has approved and recognized 88 initiatives and improvements to rationalize production at the Company and unit levels. In addition to benefiting the Port of at least 5 billion VND per year, more importantly, initiatives and improvements have contributed to increasing service quality, bringing many benefits in terms of time and cost to customers, saving customers time and money. Saving human resources, saving costs, bringing efficiency in production activities while also having initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions, enhancing the image of the Port as a leader in digitalization and digital transformation applications. Recognizing this effort, Mr. Le Anh Son, Secretary of the Party Committee – Chairman of the Board of Directors awarded the title “Lighthouse” to 6 Heads of 6 units – including Mr. Tran Le Tuan, Secretary of the Party Committee – General Director of Da Nang Port. This award also aims to honor leaders with strategic vision, effective leadership, leading businesses to “overcome” and achieve success in 2023.

In 2023, the activities of Da Nang Port Trade Union will always accompany expertise, contributing to the success of Da Nang Port in general and workers in particular. The Vietnam General Confederation of Labor awarded the “Excellent emulation flag in the cultural and sports movement in 2023” to the Da Nang Port Trade Union and many individuals and groups of the Da Nang Port Trade Union have also been recognized by the General Confederation. and the Corporation’s Trade Union commended. This is the recognition of the superior Union for the activities of the Da Nang Port Trade Union in the past year.


At this Conference, VIMC General Director Nguyen Canh Tinh also awarded the title “2023 Bright Star” to Mr. Phan Thanh Vinh, Deputy Repair Workshop (Tien Sa Port Enterprise – Da Nang Port) with the initiative “Cane Conversion RTG01 is currently using a generator engine combination to use grid electricity. “In addition to benefiting the Port over 1 billion VND/year, it also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions, greening the seaport and “Award for contributions to Kaizen 2023” for Mr. Le Ha Nam, IT Department Specialist of Da Nang Port with the initiative “Production of industrial signal transmission equipment for tractors – eTractor” with high durability and profit of at least 4 billion copper over a 3-year period.

In 2023, Da Nang Port is the only port to date to receive the title of Outstanding Enterprise for Employees for 6 consecutive years in enterprises under Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC). Top 10 Innovative and Effective Business Enterprises in 2023 in the Logistics industry and 7th consecutive year winning the “Sustainable Enterprise” Award (CSI) voted by VCCI. Da Nang Port is the 8th ranked enterprise in Da Nang city and ranked 750th among the 1,000 largest corporate income tax paying enterprises in Vietnam. At the same time, in recent years, the average import-export tax collection at Tien Sa Port has always increased and accounted for over 80% of the total import-export tax collection of the entire city.

Speaking after the Conference, Mr. Tran Le Tuan – Secretary of the Party Committee, General Director of Da Nang Port shared “I am really happy that Da Nang Port is growing more and more, more and more modern, with more and more Customers and partners trust and use the service. We set a goal – Not only must the next year be higher than the previous year, but the next day must be better than the previous day -. Da Nang Port always puts the interests of Da Nang Port in the common interests of VIMC, in the common interests of the Vietnam Maritime industry, in the common interests of Da Nang city, the Central Coast region and the country. Promoting the successes achieved in 2023, I call on the leadership, staff and employees of Da Nang Port to be determined to strive for the 2024 goal of all production and business targets increasing by 7 % compared to 2023, the average income of workers increases by 2023.

On the afternoon of January 5, 2024, at the Conference summarizing the Youth Union’s work in 2023 and implementing the 2024 activity program, the Editor-in-Chief of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Vietnam Maritime Corporation also awarded the Medal “Completed Excellence”. assigned the leading mission in 2023″ to the Youth Union of Da Nang Port.

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