Da Nang Port: a breakthrough unit in the initiative and creativity movement



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2023 is oriented to be the year of “Creating resources to expand and develop the seaport and logistics system”. Da Nang Port aims to increase the productivity of container handling, reduce costs, improve production efficiency, and ensure production safety… Continuous innovation and maintenance of continuous improvement activities (Kaizen) are identified as important factors contributing to increasing the quality and customer experience of services at the Port, but also achieving the goals productivity goals, optimizing production and business activities. Right from the beginning of the year, innovation and continuous improvement activities were inspired and motivated by the Port Board of Directors to all employees of the company through thematic discussions, action plans, and communication. work/assess monthly KPIs to achieve the goal of “next day must be better than the previous day” – “next month must be better than the previous month”. The Kaizen team is divided into 6 groups to carry out improvement steps related to their areas of expertise to ensure improvement work is evenly distributed across all areas of the Port.

Mr. Tran Le Tuan – Member of board General Director of CDN (far left) received the title “Lighthouse” awarded by Mr. Le Anh Son – Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Maritime Corporation donate.

In 2023, the Port has approved and recognized 88 initiatives and improvements to rationalize production at the Company and unit levels. In addition to benefiting the Port of at least 5 billion VND per year, more importantly, initiatives and improvements have contributed to increasing service quality, bringing many benefits in terms of time and cost to customers, saving customers time and money. Saving human resources, saving costs, bringing efficiency in production activities while also having initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions, enhancing the image of the Port as a leader in digitalization and digital transformation applications.

The most typical initiative is “Production of industrial signal transmission equipment for tractors – eTractor” by the group of authors Phan Bao Loc, Le Ha Nam, Nguyen Khanh Nhat, Tran Trung Hieu which is highly durable and profitable. at least VND 4 billion in a 3-year cycle and the initiative of the author group Phan Thanh Vinh and Nguyen Van Khanh “Converting the RTG01 crane currently using a generator engine combination to using grid electricity” in addition to working Benefits the Port over 1 billion VND/year and also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and greening the seaport. These two solutions have earned the title “Bright Star 2023 – Kaizen” awarded by Vietnam Maritime Corporation to project leaders Le Ha Nam and Phan Thanh Vinh.

Mr. Phan Thanh Vinh (third from right) received the title “Bright Star 2023” awarded by Mr. Nguyen Canh Tinh – General Director of Vietnam Maritime Corporation.

The group of authors Duong Duc Xuan, Luu Van Dung, Vo Hoang Phuc had the initiative “Installing a camera system to record and identify container numbers before entering the port gate to serve planning for loading and receiving containers”. contributing to completely resolving traffic jams in front of the container gate, in front of the Security gate and on the route to the Port; Shorten container delivery time, previously 3-5 minutes, now 24 seconds, making customers more satisfied with service quality.

The camera is installed on the light pole in front of the Border Guard Station to record and identify the number of containers entering the Gate.

The initiative “Designing and manufacturing equipment for lifting/lowering beams, improving the process of changing tires and moving RTG cranes” by the author group Ho Thai Thanh and Phan Nam Hoang has reduced the time to perform the job by about 40 – 50 hours. % and reduce labor by about 30 – 40% compared to before while ensuring stable operation of vehicles and equipment, without affecting the general production and business process of the Port.

Author group Nguyen Thi Thu Hien (Customer Service Center – chaired by the IT Department) with the initiative “Collecting service fees and issuing automatic progressive goods invoices through deposit accounts for advance payments of customers” has helped customers be more proactive in depositing money, receiving invoices and monitoring fluctuations in transactions, managing finances, and being proactive in making transactions anytime and anywhere. Which point…

The initiative “Building a statistical application for container lifting/lowering activities on the Port yard” chaired by Tran Trung Hieu (Tien Sa Port Enterprise, with the IT Department participating in software design) helps data to be exploited in real time. Reality is shown immediately, without delay, with absolute accuracy as soon as field operations arise and the rate of container turnover is controlled. Visual turnover data helps coordinate quality management. Stack containers effectively and the estimated profit value can be up to hundreds of millions of VND per month.

In addition, from the beginning of 2023 until now, Da Nang Port has introduced applications for port activities such as the container anti-collision system in Block to support operational safety for operators of ERTG cranes; Regenerative braking system, returning energy to the grid for RTG and QC cranes, reduces expected power consumption by 10-15%; Apply solutions to manage and control warehouses of supplies and spare parts for repairing vehicles, equipment, and infrastructure. Carry out inspection and evaluation of the types of supplies that are shared or can be replaced as equivalent to ensure the reduction of spare parts for groups of equipment with many different brands, expected to reduce inventory value by 20%. Improve methods of performing maintenance and periodically changing grease for vehicles and equipment. Send samples to test to evaluate the quality of auxiliary oil when the replacement period is due according to the manufacturer’s regulations (hydraulic oil, machine oil, gear oil, etc.) through the indicators of kinematic viscosity, viscosity, and viscosity. mixed with water and slag compared to allowable standards to increase usage time. As a result in 2023, initiatives, creativity, and continuous improvement activities take place regularly and vibrantly, greatly contributing to Da Nang port completing production and business targets, worthy of being a leading unit of Vietnam Maritime Corporation.

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