Conference of delegates of Da Nang Port Workers in 2024



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On the morning of March 18, 2024, Da Nang Port organized a Labor Delegates Conference with the participation of 161 delegates, representing 774 union members and workers of Da Nang Port.

Attending and directing the Conference were comrade Hoang Thi Thanh Huong – Vice President of the Trade Union of Vietnam Maritime Corporation, comrade Le Quang Trung – Deputy General Director of Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC), comrade Nguyen Dinh Chung – Member of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Maritime Corporation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Da Nang Port Joint Stock Company and representatives of professional boards and trade unions of Vietnam National Shipping Lines Corporation.

Comrades Tran Le Tuan – General Director and Le Tan Minh – Chairman of the Company’s Trade Union co-chaired the Conference.

At the Conference, delegates heard a report on the results of production and business activities in 2023, directions and tasks in 2024; publicly report a number of key financial indicators in 2023 and the situation of revenue and expenditure of the reward and welfare fund in 2023; gaiir responded to recommendations from the grassroots and opinions of the IT Business Department, Tien Sa Port Enterprise, University of Production Center… focusing on solutions to improve efficiency in all aspects of production and business work. each unit’s business, contributing to achieving the Company’s overall goals.

Mr. Le Quang Duc – Deputy General Director of Da Nang Port presented the report on production and business results in 2023 and directions and tasks for 2024

Although there was a slight decrease in goods output over the same period, other production and business indicators achieved quite good results, growing over the same period and exceeding the plan for 2023. Specifically, Output Containers in 2023 will increase by 4% over the same period; Revenue exceeded 3% compared to plan and increased 4% compared to 2022 and pre-tax profit also grew over the same period.

In addition to positive results in production and business activities, Da Nang Port has been proving its important position and role in the socio-economic development of Da Nang City and the region, as well as affirming its stature as the largest and most modern seaport in Central Vietnam. Da Nang Port is the only port among the enterprises under Vietnam Maritime Corporation – Joint Stock Company (VIMC) to this point to receive the title of Typical Enterprise for Employees for 6 consecutive years (per capita income). Labor increases each year, reaching 28 million/person/month in 2023, vacation tours and other welfare benefits are fully implemented for employees); On the list of 10 Innovative and Effective Businesses in 2023 in the Logistics industry and for the 7th consecutive year winning the “Sustainable Enterprise” Award (CSI) voted by VCCI. In particular, in the past year, Da Nang Port was honored to be awarded the flag “Excellent unit leading the emulation movement in 2023” by the State Capital Management Committee; The General Director of Da Nang Port was awarded the title “Lighthouse 2023” by VIMC – recognizing outstanding achievements in production and business management and completing the targets assigned by VIMC as well as digital transformation and innovation activities. Initiatives and solutions to improve and streamline production contribute to high efficiency and better service quality, enhancing the Port’s image in the eyes of customers.

Along with production and investment development activities, the Port always fulfills its corporate responsibility to the community and actively participates in contributing to social security programs and supporting community-based activities. of the state and Da Nang City. Da Nang Port ranked 8th in the Top 10 in Da Nang city and ranked 750th in the 1,000 largest corporate income tax paying enterprises in Vietnam. In recent years, revenue from import/export tax at Tien Sa Port has always grown and accounted for over 80% of the total import/export tax revenue of the entire city.

VIMC Deputy General Director Le Quang Trung, on behalf of the leaders of Vietnam Maritime Corporation, acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the collective staff and workers of Da Nang Port in the past 2023, and emphasized in 2024 The Corporation’s leaders will accompany Da Nang Port to elevate Da Nang Port in the ecosystem of Vietnam Maritime Corporation. Mr. Le Quang Trung also suggested that the Port Executive Board focus on three issues that need to be resolved, which are: Administration and market, investment work must be the nucleus in designing chains, and human issues must be Focused on training to improve knowledge and master increasingly modern means and equipment…

Comrade Hoang Thi Thanh Huong – Vice President of the Corporation’s Trade Union recognized the very special achievements of the leadership and workers of Da Nang Port in 2023 and previous years. Democratic regulations are implemented thoroughly and practically, the activities of the Trade Union are highly effective. Winter Solstice requests that experts and the Port Trade Union focus on implementing and concretizing emulation programs, focusing on OSH work, maintaining and promoting the welfare of Union members, workers at the Port and the company. Local social security agencies promptly reward and encourage outstanding role models to replicate throughout the Port. Strengthen propaganda work and raise awareness of union members and workers.

Comrade Le Tan Minh – Chairman of Da Nang Port Trade Union presented reports at the Conference.

Speaking at the closing of the conference, Mr. Tran Le Tuan – General Director of Da Nang Port accepted the instructions of superior leaders and thanked the close attention and direction of Vietnam National Shipping Lines Corporation and Da Nang city government agencies. General Director

Tran Le Tuan emphasized, “The year 2024 is forecast to continue to face many difficulties and challenges. Completing the assigned plan requires great efforts from the Board of Directors, Executive Board and collective of workers. Retaining old customers and developing new customers is extremely important to complete the output, revenue and profit plans assigned by the Corporation. Besides, how to maintain workers’ income, which must be at least equal to 2023. And equally important is productivity: what is good must be even better, each day must be better than the previous day, today begins. starting from yesterday”. I call on all of our employees to continue to join hands, unite, unite, make efforts, constantly study to improve our professional qualifications, innovate, and compete to complete our tasks well. 2024 and following years”.

The Conference agreed to approve the list of Dialogue Committee for the new term; voted to approve the Resolution of the Labor Conference of Da Nang Port Joint Stock Company in 2024. The 2024 emulation contents were launched at the Conference and disseminated to employees of the entire Company.

At the Conference, the leaders of the Corporation, the Corporation’s Trade Union and the Board of Directors of Da Nang Port awarded Certificates of Merit and rewards to collectives and individuals who achieved outstanding achievements in the field. 2023

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