A series of activities to celebrate International Women’s Day of Da Nang Port



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In the development journey of Da Nang Port in recent years, there has been a significant contribution from female employees. Even though they are of different ages, fields of expertise, and work positions, they all share the same enthusiasm, sense of responsibility, assurance, and ingenuity to balance social work and family responsibilities. family.

On the morning of March 8, 2024, in a joyful and exciting atmosphere, Mr. Tran Le Tuan, Member of Board – General Director of Da Nang Port and the Board of Directors presented fresh flower bouquets and congratulations. The best to all sisters. Happiness is sometimes as simple as the word “care”, the seemingly small but psychological things of the Board of Directors and male colleagues make the “flowers of Da Nang Port” feel like they are always one important half of the Company to have more motivation to strive harder for work and for the overall development of the Company.

Mr. Tuan noted, “In 2023, female officers and employees made great contributions to the Company’s overall achievements. The company always respects, recognizes and praises the efforts of women. The Board of Directors believes that every female employee has been, is and will always be a good example in work and in life, no matter what position they are in, they will complete their duties well. Wishing all of you, ladies and gentlemen, always make every effort in your work, work creatively and build a happy family.”

Before that, on the evening of March 7, 2024, the Women’s Committee of Da Nang Port Trade Union also organized a Gala night to celebrate International Women’s Day in a very solemn and cozy way. The program had the full participation of the Port Board of Directors, Port Trade Union, Leaders of Departments, Centers, Tien Sa Port Enterprise, Leaders of Joint Stock Companies and 130 female employees and union members.

Speaking at the Gala, Mr. Le Tan Minh – Chairman of Da Nang Port Trade Union acknowledged the responsibility, talent, intelligence, perseverance in work and dedication of women to Da Nang Port . In the family, they return to the role of exemplary mothers and wives. And no matter what position they are in, female officers and employees of Da Nang Port excellently complete their assigned tasks – worthy of the tradition of Vietnamese women “Good at country work – good at home”.


On behalf of all the women of Da Nang Port, Ms. Ngo Thi Hong Van – Head of the Women’s Department sent her thanks to the Port’s Board of Directors and the Port’s Trade Union for always caring and creating favorable conditions for female employees. labor in the process of performing work and also in spiritual life. Over the years, the departments have always united and agreed, striving to successfully complete assigned tasks. All female employees will continue to contribute to the development of Da Nang Port.

At the Gala, the Organizing Committee awarded prizes for badminton and table tennis tournaments to celebrate March 8 and also launched a lucky draw program with a total prize worth 60 million VND. All guests as well as female employees of Da Nang Port were able to watch 6 musical performances competing for departments and units and have an intimate dinner in a joyful, joyful and happy atmosphere.



Da Nang Port’s meeting to congratulate International Women’s Day on March 8 has become a beauty, spreading the honor of women and affirming the important role of women in society and in life.

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