The cargo productivity of Da Nang Port of Jun 2017 is 714,490 tons, the accumulated productivity of the first 6 months is 3,816,472 tons, 9.6% higher than which of the same period in 2016. The container productivity of the first 6 months reaches nearly 172,000 Teus, over 17% higher than which of the same period last year. Total ship arrival at the port in the first 6 months of 2017 is 879 (of which 539 are container arrivals), up 5% higher than which of the same period last year.

One of the important reasons contributing to the above growth rate is the recovery of economic sectors in the region, especially the industrial production. In the past time, export-import activities of the Port’s logistics enterprises have seen significant growth. Some companies are expanding their production, setting up new factories and expanding export markets, etc., which have boosted the import and export of textiles, footwear, ceramic tiles, seafood, and so on.


In addition, the launch of a new route by the fifth-largest shipping company of the world - EMC (Evergreen Marine Corporation) from Q2 and the operation of Yang Ming’s service every Monday in the Da Nang market has helped exporters and importers in the region have more choices, contributing to the increase of containerized export and import through the Port.


Currently, there are 16 container shipping lines with regular ships to the Port and more than 40 container builders. While last year, Da Nang Port welcomed 19 container ships averagely, this year, the port regularly welcomes about 22-23 weekly arrivals.


On the port side, the leaders’ timely direction, innovations in technology and investment, human resources training, improvement of delivery procedures, promotion of technical innovations, etc. ha contributed to increased service productivity and quality.


Especially, in the upgrade and expansion of Tien Sa port - Phase 2: The two berths of 50,000 DWT and 20,000 DWT have been built over 65% and are expected to be put into use before 31 Dec 2017. The investment project of 2 electric RTG cranes is expected to be completed and put into use before 30 Oct 2017.


Recently, a fixed FCC crane was put into use on 26 Jun 2017, and another FCC crane is scheduled to be put into use at Terminal 2 on 07 Jul 2017; these new equipment will increase the general cargo handling capacity as well as provide 1 more container terminal to serve domestic container ships, helping the Port to better meet customers' requirements.


In the first two quarters of the year, besides containers, other commodities also have good growth such as wood chips, charcoal, gypsum, stone powder, cement and equipment.


With its location as an important seaport of a tourist city, Da Nang port also focuses on the passenger ships. In the first 6 months, Da Nang Port welcomed 52 tourist ships, 21% higher than which of the same period last year. The number of guests and crew members in the first 2 quarters reaches 99789, 20% higher than which of the same period in 2016.


These positive figures can be considered as a good signal for Da Nang Port to be more confident in its ability to reach the target of 7.8 million tons of cargo throughput and 380,000 TEUs of containers in 2017.

 Ho Thien Nga


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